romance-fixtureWhen you think of romantic lighting, you may picture crystal chandeliers and dimmed lights. You can certainly go that route, but romantic lighting is much more than that.

Ideally, romantic lighting creates an ambiance that flatters both people and the room. Use layers of light to fill in dark corners without overpowering the space, and choose dimmers and bulbs that work well together to keep a warm light level without flickering.

Today’s LED bulb technology allows for much more control in dimming – without loss of light quality or efficiency. Some LED bulbs even allow you to change their color around the spectrum for an exciting light show, using your phone or tablet.Bellacor_3454415

There are many new styles in table and floor lamps featuring buff- or champagne color finishes and fabric shades that result in soft pools of light for seating areas. Or you may opt for jewel- toned finishes and dark shades for a more dramatic look. Either way, coordinate table or floor lamps and shades with your wall lighting for a seamless look.

Romantic lighting extends to the dining room, where a well-proportioned chandelier with crystal accents can add sophistication and ambiance. Complementary buffet lamps on a sideboard provide a subtle accent, often reflecting in a nearby dining room mirror.

The bottom line is that a well-lit room is romantic any time of year, as long as it provides the proper level of light for all activities, from entertaining friends, to a romantic evening for just you and your true love.