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Choosing the Right Size Ceiling Fan

Casablanca Zudio Fan

Casablanca Zudio Fan

When shopping for a fan, you’ll need to know what size and style are right for your room and what extra features, such as lighting, wall or remote controls, make sense for that environment.  There are so many exciting designs available now, you will surely fit a fan that suits your style. Phillips has 80 models on display, with hundreds more available.

Fans are sized by the span of their blades. There are several sizes of fans to suit various room sizes. The blade span on residential ceiling fans range from a tiny 20 inches to an enormous 7 feet! Let us help you determine the size fan you will need.  Don’t forget to measure your ceiling height!

During the warmer months, the forward (counterclockwise) motion of the fan makes the room feel cooler. Using a fan, you’ll conserve power without compromising on comfort. You can typically save about 4-8 percent of your cooling expenses for every degree you raise the thermostat in summer. Ceiling fans can also help lower heating bills — up to 2 percent on heating costs for every degree the thermostat is lowered in winter. To get savings, switch the fan to run slowly in reverse: The clockwise movement breaks up the warm air that collects at the ceiling and pushes it down into the room.

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