There are many reasons to light the exterior of your home. Foremost is functionality. A well thought-out outdoor and landscape lighting plan will identify a driveway entrance and primary access to your home and will give a warm inviting glow at the entrance. Comfortable light levels on the back deck and patio expand the livable area of your home and help to identify steps, handrails, water features and paths.

Most people spend a lot of time and money on the exterior of their homes. Outdoor and landscape lighting can heighten the effect of your landscape and put dramatic emphasis on your home’s architectural features, as well as statues, and fountains and other details.


  1. Proper sizing of outdoor lanterns is critical to the finished appearance of your home. Exterior lanterns look larger in the lighting showroom than they will on your home. In essence they shrink when installed.
  2. Material and finish is particularly important when the home is near salt air and water. Raw solid copper and brass is best for longevity.
  3. LED is fast becoming the lighting source of choice for outdoor use. There are no bulbs to change and the cost of powering LED is 1/10 the cost of halogen. While LED is a little more expensive initially it pays for itself quickly in decreased electrical demand.
  4. To increase the enjoyment of your exterior lighting, place outdoor and landscape lighting in areas that can be viewed from inside your home. In this way, exterior lighting creates another layer in your overall lighting plan.

The exterior of their home is source of pride for most people. Make yours shine with a well thought-out exterior lighting plan from Phillips Lighting & Home. Stop by our store. Our lighting experts will talk to you about your lighting plan, and will show you how outdoor and exterior lighting can add to the beauty, enjoyment and functionality of your home.

The experts at Phillips Lighting & Home are lighting professionals – trained to help you create an exterior lighting plan that will exceed your expectations and keep you within your budget. Ask about our onsite exterior lighting demonstrations. We will be happy to make an appointment.