Sometimes we get so caught up talking about lighting, ceiling fans, and home accents that we forget to mention that Phillips Lighting and Home is also your source for decorative hardware. Come and see our collection of kitchen, bath and closet knobs and drawer pulls from Top Knobs. Choose from over 2500 styles including authentic reproductions, traditional, contemporary and transitional.

Top Knobs decorative hardware at Phillips Lighting and HomeEach knob and drawer pull is made of solid brass, cast bronze, steel or zinc alloy. Hold a knob or pull in your hands – you can feel the difference! Top Knobs also offers extremely fast shipping – usually within 24 hours – as well as a Lifetime Warranty. So you can order today and be assured of complete satisfaction.

Decorative knobs and drawer pulls are the jewelry that adds that extra bling to your kitchen, bath and closets. Stop by Phillips Lighting & Home today and check out our entire collection.