It’s well known that we’ve been in the lighting business for many years, but many people don’t know that we provide lamp repair and light fixture repair, too.  Since the 1960’s! We see a lot of lamps and fixtures come through our shop, many of them are old lamps that people don’t want to part with or items with a family history behind them.  We get a kick out of hearing some interesting stories.  Of course, we get all the commonplace day to day  lamp repairs, too; a bad switch, burned up socket, puppy-chewed cords, etc.  Let us know what we can fix for you!

We love seeing these old classic lamps come through.

Sometimes we get some strange ones in.  Like this:

If your guests would like to stay longer, they’ll need to feed the meter!

This chandelier was rescued from our customer’s Great Aunt’s house, and was in the height of 1980’s polished brass style.  We gave it a makeover (makeunder?) to a more current bronze finish.  Now it looks up to date and fashionable again!

This Gothic charmer will be perfect in one of Modesto’s 1920’s era homes.

You can see my workbench here in the background. I know it looks messy…but I SWEAR it’s organized!

Flea Market and Antique Store finds sometimes need a little TLC before being installed in their new home.

Our friend, Carol, always brings us really interesting things to fix.  Check out these vintage ’70’s Spaghetti swag lamps. Groovy, baby!

A whole bunch of fixtures came out of an old house, that will be rewired and reinstalled, good as new.

 This fixture was found in the attic of a 100-year old Modesto home. After refurbishing, it will be reinstalled in its original location. That’s what I call “coming full circle”!

Salvaged from the attic of a 100 year-old Modesto home. This fixture is being reinstalled in it’s original spot!

 This is one of the wierdest lamps we’ve seen recently; a 1970’s Torino Robot Lamp.  Beep Boop!

Large Torino Robot Lamp